Is there more to Cannes than the film festival?

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Is there more to Cannes than the film festival?

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Although it's a relatively small city (with a population of 70k), Cannes is known around the world for the Film Festival in May, when it's the place to be for actors, celebrities and everyone that matters - and their fans. I was there in late July and last I checked, I'm not famous nor rich.

Going some place you've never been before can be confusing as you've usually no idea where to go. There were no particular landmarks I was desperate to see in Cannes, so I didn't do any research this time. My girlfriend had been here before, so I trusted we'd be alright here. Turned out that was years ago and she'd been there by car. She had not been to the train station we arrived at and didn't know directions from there. We followed most of the other tourists & went south-east-ish, to end up at La Croisette.

La Croisette is the boulevard where you go to see and be seen, and it's jam-packed with famous luxurious hotels & fashion stores. It's right next to the beach, which was crowded with sunbathers. The water was filled with people trying to cool down, which made perfect sense as it was about 40°C (>100°F). After having looked around to buy new sunscreen (I had forgotten to pack mine), we decided to join them and work on our tan.

After a nice old lady came down to warn me about the sun - I am quite pale, at least compared to the others on the beach - we got up and walked down La Croisette. She was helpful and right, but she must've had no idea how much sunscreen I had already used! But I can only rest for so long before I get the urge to start wandering around again. While La Croisette and its shops, the beach, and the surrounding area were nice and all, I was almost a bit disappointed.

Evening came around and we were about to take the train back, but we'd gotten hungry. So we were going to wander around a little longer to find dinner, and decided we couldn't leave before seeing the Palais des Festivals, where the Film Festival is held every year. Only then did we notice that there is more to the west of the train station that we had not yet seen! The marina, for example, where we admired some of the yachts while we had dinner. And a lot more beaches to the west of the marina. But the best discovery was the charming old town, with its narrow winding streets, cosy restaurants and souvenir shops. We ended up not going back to the train until we had to in order to catch the last one…


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