Dublin: home of the Irish pub

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Dublin: home of the Irish pub

Ireland and Citytrip

The most convenient way to get into Ireland is probably by plane. The Dublin airport is home to 2 of Europe's biggest low-cost carriers (Aer Lingus and Ryanair) and it even has U.S. pre-clearance facilities, so you can clear customs ahead of your flight, for those going back to the U.S. It's easy to reach the city center from the airport by bus or with one of the express services.

I was in Dublin for a conference, so barely had the time to visit the city. I'm usually pretty good at making the most of my available time in order to visit as much of the city as possible. In Dublin, however, I ended up spending most of my spare time in alcohol-related activities, and I don't even feel bad about it: this is the home of the Irish pub after all! I did visit a museum (yes, let's call it that): the Guinness Storehouse, 6 floors of history about Guinness and the brewing process, and a seventh floor where you can enjoy that complimentary Guinness. I'm partial to my Belgian beers, but you sure get some great views over Dublin along with that Guinness!

Since I wouldn't have much time to spend, I had not done any research ahead of time. If I had, I'm sure I also would've known about and visited the Old Jameson Distillery - for those who favor whiskey over beer. Unfortunately, I only found out about it on my last day, when I was on a Hop On Hop Off bus tour and the tour guide started singing The Wild Rover as we drove past the distillery.

Thanks to that tour, I've at least seen some of Dublin's attractions from afar. I've seen the Dublin Castle, the Christ Church Cathedral, Trinity College, and the Spire and the many other statues on O'Connell Street. But I can not honestly claim to have seen Dublin.

I do feel like I have experienced Dublin, though! I've always had a thing for Irish pubs, so I felt right at home in the Temple Bar area, Dublin's cultural & nightlife center. It's one pub after the other in these narrow cobblestone streets, but it's pretty touristy and it definitely gets crowded. If that turns you off, rest assured that there is no shortage of pubs all around Dublin, and I've enjoyed every single beer in the one's I've been to!


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