Hi, I'm Matthias

But my friends call me super tourist

This is not a professional travel blog! While I absolutely love to travel, I'm actually a software engineer and I'm equally passionate about that. And it is a lot more convenient to schedule your life around that.

But I definitely love to travel. So much that my friends call me super tourist. I have a bucket list longer than the Greek national anthem (at 158 stanzas!) and I'm barely able to rest whenever I'm somewhere new: I just need to experience everything!

I love to marvel at pictures of all the amazing places this wonderful planet has to offer. As I got to travel more, I also developed an interest in photography. I'm not a professional photographer by any measure, but I sure love to look back at pictures that remind me of the great times I had on earlier travels.

This blog is intended as a recollection of my past adventures, a motivation to keep discovering the world, and - hopefully - a source of inspiration and ideas for others.

Panasonic GX85 with Olympus 12-40mm f/2.4 Pro


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